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Can Prostate Cancer Affect your Sexual Life


One out of every seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their life time; hence this is the most common cancer among men. The prostate cancer affects the walnut-shaped gland wrapping around the men’s urethra.

Can prostate cancer affect your sexual life?

For most men, prostate cancer does not affect their sexual life. Most symptoms of the prostate cancer are related to the urine output. This is because the prostate gland begins to obstruct the urethra, the tube carrying urine out of the body. With changes to the urine flow, there can be blood in the urine. Most men with prostate cancer do not get symptoms at the early stages of the disease.

Often the first time most people know that they have prostate cancer is after other symptoms have been caused due to the spreading of cancer to the bone. Although it is uncommon, but some men with prostate cancer have erection difficulties related to the disease itself.

Can prostate cancer treatments affect your sexual life?

Usually prostate cancer itself does not affect your sexual life. However, it can be usual for men to feel depressed while undergoing prostate cancer treatments. Worries about prostate cancer mean relationship stress or less interest in sex. These problems may improve and there can be psychological support surrounding cancer. There are many treatments for the prostate cancer including monitoring any developments that may need active treatments later. This approach is known as watchful waiting or active surveillance. It doesn’t cause any sex problems. 

Men having active treatments for prostate cancer such as surgery, hormone therapy and radiation therapy have problems with sex. These problems include loss of interest in sex and an inability to get an erection, infertility, orgasm and ejaculation and bowel problems and anal sex.

Your diagnosis of a prostate cancer and its treatments can cause a loss of interest in sex and this is known as low libido or sex drive. The nerve which helps the men to control erections run close to the prostate gland. This raises the challenge to protect the nerves from damage during treatment of the nearby prostate gland. The surgery to completely remove the prostate gland is a risk for the erectile dysfunction due to the potential nerve damage. This surgery is known as a total prostatectomy or radical prostatectomy. The later is not appropriate for all men with prostate cancer instead it is reserved for men with more aggressive prostate cancer which is likely to grow or spread and in younger men.

The prostate gland can be removed in a number of surgical ways:

  • Open surgery in which the surgeon creates an opening in the belly or the area between the testicles and the anus
  • Keyhole surgery in which the prostate is removed via a small wound, and the surgeon is guided by a camera
Both these surgical options are similarly effective. The keyhole surgery may mean less bleeding and less time in the hospital than open the surgery. The keyhole surgery to remove the prostate gland when done with the help of a robot is known as da Vinci surgery. This is the most recent development in the keyhole surgery for the prostate cancer. Surgery is one of the riskiest treatments in terms of the erectile dysfunction. Other options including Cryotherapy in which probes are used to freeze the prostate cancer cells are also risky. 

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The prostate cancer treatments can also affect your erections. You might not be able to have children after the prostate cancer treatment. Some prostate cancer treatments can have an effect on the orgasms and ejaculation. Radiotherapy to the prostate gland can cause diarrhea, and pain and irritation in the anal region. The hormonal therapy carries the risk of erection problems, affect the fertility and cause the loss of libido.


Often the sexual side effects from prostate cancer are temporary while your surgeon used the nerve sparing surgery. Talk to your doctor and let him know about any sexual problems you are having right away. Contact Forerunners Healthcare to get your prostate cancer surgery and treatments from the best surgeons at the top hospitals in India.

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Pituitary Gland Surgery at Artemis Hospital Delhi India: Best Surgeons, Packages and medical Assistance

Hospital of India

When it comes to getting Affordable Pituitary Surgery, no one can easily compete with the nation called India. In the recent past, the country has witnessed a sea change in terms of medical tourism wherein loads of medical tourists all across are coming for their treatments as they know they get high quality and Affordable Pituitary Surgery at the Indian hospitals. The fact of the matter is the Indian hospitals are par in terms of features and facilities that are par with the hospitals found in developed nations. These hospitals are well equipped with machines and equipment that are governed by state of art technologies.  These hospitals catering affordable Pituitary Surgery with high quality can be obtained here seeking the help of top medical professionals and highly competitive doctors and surgeons.

Best Surgeons

When we talk about getting Affordable Pituitary Surgery in India, one can find one of the best surgeons, how about checking some of the top doctors as under:

Dr. Arun Saroha

Dr. Arun Saroha is among the leading Brain & Spine Surgeons in India. He specialized in training in Neurosurgery for both the spine and brain surgeries from the reputed PGI Chandigarh, India. He is known to have an extensive experience in dealing with high quality and Affordable Pituitary Surgery at top hospitals like Neurosurgical hospitals like VIMHANS, New Delhi, India and Paras Institute of Neurosciences and Artemis Hospitals Gurgaon, India. Dr. Arun Saroha senior Brain & Spine surgeon and Unit Head Neurosurgery at the top hospitals like Max Hospital, Gurgaon and New Delhi, India and GNH Hospital, Gurgaon. He has extensive experience in various surgical procedures like Brain Tumor Surgery, Spine Surgeries, Brain Aneurysms, Spine Instrumentation surgeries and Management of head injury patients.

Dr. Alok Gupta

Dr. Alok Gupta is known to have the best of the qualifications like Neurosurgery, M.S. (Gen. Surgery) and M.B.B.S. Dr. Gupta offers top-notch medical services of neurosurgery and has been known for providing his expertise in neurosurgery in top hospitals of India like Metro Multispecialty hospital, Faridabad and the Artemis health institute Gurgaon. In order to beat it all, Dr. Alok is among rare neurosurgeon that render successful surgery in giving fixing pace maker over the brain to control epilepsy Obsessive compulsive disorder and other Parkinson disease and other movement disorder.

Treatment & Packages

The treatment and packages pertaining to the above said surgery getting the most Affordable Pituitary Surgery. The fact of the matter is Indian hospitals catering these medical or neurological services particularly the Minimum Cost of Pituitary Gland Tumor Surgery India are really inexpensive, which make things competent for the international patients.   The treatment at hospitals like Artemis Hospital Delhi has been highly competitive in terms of quality and affordability, which has been attracting the global patients all across the world. This is the reason why more and more global patients all across the world including the ones from the developed nations too considering the same.

Medical Assistance for Abroad Patients

Indian government has been considering the domain of medical tourism with great care and professionalism. They have made things simple for applying medical visa in India which makes the treatment not only affordable but of high quality as well. This is the reason why more and more global patients access Low Price Pituitary Surgery with all the facilities and features that are hard to find out at any other place. They are helped in all the ways to make themselves happy and comfortable at home giving away them nothing but the best.


Indian hospitals have become the ray of hope for many global patients who are looking for high quality and affordable healthcare services. Getting the high quality and Affordable Pituitary Surgery in India for the global patients is certainly not an exception. For More Assistance contact us

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Understand Brain Cancer: Prognosis, Survival rates and Treatments in India

Understanding Brain Cancer

Brain cancer can be too scary to hear but if one gets entangled in it, he or she has to struggle to get rid of the same. Well, talking about brain cancer it can be called as a group of abnormal cells, which starts from brain and damages the same. the brain cancer is often the result of the development of these abnormal cells inside the brain, which can arise from the primary brain cells, which form from other components of the brain like blood vessels or membrane. However, with modern treatment methods, if these are diagnosed in the early stage, one can get rid of the same, so the sooner it is diagnosed the better would be the result. 

Dangers of Brain Cancer Key Points

There are many risks of dangers of brain cancers, some of the common ones are indicated as under, let’s check them:
  • Age: The brain tumors can come at any age, however, people with older age are more prone to this menace claims the experts.
  • Medical radiation: If you are exposed to radiation like radiotherapy, CT scans or X-rays to the head or other types of radiation, you are supposed to get the same.
  • Previous Cancer: If you have suffered from the brain cancer, it is likely to get back, which is often due to the corruption of body’s immune system.
  • Genetic conditions: A small proportion of brain tumors are also linked to genetic conditions hence people can have an increased risk of getting a brain cancer.

Besides the above, one can get the risk factors like power lines, mobile phones, hair dye, smoking and alcohol too can cause the menace called brain cancer. 

How is Brain Cancer Staged?

Brain cancers are often stages though not all the tumor are alike even if they are found in the brain tissues. The staging in brain cancer would depend upon the amount of time it has bypassed along with other condition it has added for the patient. Let’s check the brain cancer stages in the following four ways:
  • Stage I: In this case, the tissue is benign, while the cells look some where like a normal brain cells, and they grow slowly.
  • Stage II:  In this case, the tissue is malignant and the cells unlike the stage I look less like normal cells than the ones found in the first stage.
  • Stage III: The malignant tissue is known to have the cells, which look very much different from normal cells. The abnormal cells are seen actively growing in this stage and these have a distinctly abnormal look and feel
  • Stage IV: These are very much malignant and the tissues are badly affected with cells turns abnormal and tend to grow very much quickly.

Affecting Factors and Survival rates

There are number of factors, which has an impact over the menace called brain cancer. These include the kind of tumors you have in your brain, the stage it has reached, the position of the tumor inside the brain, the shape and size of the brain tumor and the overall medical conditions of the person affected by the same. These factors only put an impact over the surgical rates of the people suffering from brain cancer. Talking about the survival rates, the overall medical conditions and stage of the cancer matters a lot. For people affected with brain cancer found in the stage one, the survival rate is around 8p percent, while in the second stage it can be around 40 and thus it reaches with 20 and 10 percent of survival rate when it comes to the third and fourth respectively.

Brain Cancer Treatment in India Advantages

When it comes to treating the menace of brain cancer in India, there are many benefits attached to the global patients coming to this country. Firstly, it is the cost, which are less than half the ones found in the places like the US or the UK. The quality of oncology services you get is par with the ones found in the western world that too with greater affordability element. The hospitals are par in terms of state of art facilities and top oncologist and cancer surgeons present in all the branded hospitals.

Best Neuro Surgeons Delhi and Mumbai India

There is no dearth of good doctors and neurosurgeons when it comes to places like Delhi and Mumbai In India is concerned. These include Dr. Sumit Goyal, Dr. S K Sogani, Dr. (Col.) A K Verma, Dr. Alok Gupta and Dr. Sandeep Vaishya to name a few. These are engaged with top hospitals like Fortis, Apollo, Kokilaben and Breach Candy to name a few. A simple web search can get an insight about these doctors for sure.

Contact Us

You can contact us for the best doctors and oncologist dealing with better results and quality healthcare services at our website or mail us to revert with the best rescue plan from the menace called brain cancer. 

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Dr. Vijay C. Bose Hip Surgeon Chennai India with Low Cost Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India

Overview Hip Replacement Surgery

The Low Cost Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India is a surgical procedure for replacing the hip joint by a prosthetic implant. This will involve replacing the hip joint which has been damaged or worn away due to arthritis or injury with the implants or prosthesis and the artificial hip parts. The prosthesis substitutes for the hip joint will allow the smooth and frictionless movement.

The Low Cost Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India is advised as the golden standard for the hip arthritis patients who are older than 65 years or those who have advanced hip destruction or altered anatomy of the hip. The goal of the Low Cost Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India with Dr. Vijay C. Bose Hip Surgeon Chennai India is to relieve the pain, increase the mobility and function of the damaged hip joint.

Hip Replacement Procedure

The total hip replacement surgery in India is done by Dr. Vijay C. Bose Hip Surgeon Chennai India by making an incision along the side of the hip. The upper end of the thigh bone that is round in shape will be cut and replaced with the component’s of the implant.  This may be stabilize with or without cement. The surface of the hip joint which is damaged due to arthritis will receive the ball component which is made even and smooth by the surgeon such that the new metal socket will be cemented properly. Following this the new ball and socket of the joint are then joined.

The Low Cost Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India will be done under general anesthesia. An incision. The surgery will lasts for about two to four hours depending on the severity of the disease.

Success Rate Hip Surgery with Dr. Vijay C. Bose Hip Surgeon Chennai India

The success rate of the Low Cost Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India with Dr. Vijay C. Bose Hip Surgeon Chennai India is more than 90%. The patient will be relieved of the pain and feels increase in the range of motion. After a certain period of time, the patient will be able to swim, walk, play golf or ride a bike comfortably.

Clinical Excellence with Patient Centered Care

Dr. Vijay C. Bose

Our network with Dr. Vijay C. Bose Hip Surgeon Chennai India provides the quality health care services with clinical excellence. Our professionals offer patient centered care and think critically to apply the evidence in practice with compassion, competence as well as acute care in a outpatient and community setting for the Low Cost Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India.

Benefits of choosing fair price hip surgeon 

The benefits of choosing the fair price hip surgeon Dr. Vijay C. Bose for the Low Cost Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India includes excellent health and well-being. We have association with the top hospitals and Dr. Vijay C. Bose hip surgeon Chennai India for the affordable Low Cost Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India. The cost of surgery will vary as per the facility, city chosen, the type of implant, etc. The average cost of the Low Cost Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India with Dr. Vijay C. Bose hip surgeon Chennai India starts from 6000 USDs and will vary according to the implants.

Book an Appointment with Dr. Vijay C. Bose hip surgeon Chennai India

Why to Choose India for Affordable Cost Hip Replacement Surgery Services ?

Choosing India for the affordable cost total hip replacement surgery will help you save thousands of dollars as compared to the expensive prices of the surgery in the developed countries. We will provide a tailor made treatment plan for the international patients by assisting them with the appointment at a specific time for the total hip replacement surgery in India. Our state of the art technology, medical expertise with Dr. Vijay C. Bose hip surgeon Chennai India will provide incredible cost effective total hip replacement surgery in India.

Final Verdict

The total hip replacement surgery in India with Dr. Vijay C. Bose will ensure you get the best medical services at highly affordable costs. Send in your query to Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India : and our coordinators will aid you with the medical visas, food, stay, travel, etc. for the total hip replacement surgery in India.

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Dealing with Chemotherapy : Help to quit Pancreatic Cancer

Understanding Pancreatic Cancer

The pancreatic cancer is a cancer of the pancreas which is situated near the liver and produces the enzymes that help in digestion of the food by maintaining the sugar levels in the body. The pancreatic cancer starts when the cells in the pancreas grow uncontrollably. 

Symptoms and Risk Factor 

The common symptoms are:

  • Unexplained weight loss
  •  Jaundice
  •  Pain the stomach area which may spread to your back
  •  Nausea
  •  Diabetes
  •  Bowel disturbances
  • Fever and shivering
The risk factors are:
  • Family history
  •  Age
  •  Overweight and obesity
  •  Tobacco use
  •  Gender
  • Workplace expose to certain chemicals
  •  Race
  • Inherited genetic syndromes
  • Stomach problems
  • Cirrhosis of the liver
  •   Chronic pancreatitis

How to Diagnose Pancreatic Cancer?

The doctor will diagnose pancreatic cancer with a number of procedures for confirming the cancer. There are many procedures such as the physical exam, CT scan, lab tests, trans abdominal ultrasound, PCT or percutaneous transphepatic cholangiography, ultrasonogrpahy, EUS or endoscopic ultrasound, biopsy and ERCP or Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatgraphy to confirm the pancreatic cancer. 

Role of Chemotherapy for Pancreatic Cancer

The role of chemotherapy for the pancreatic cancer includes using drugs for stopping the growth of the cancer cells by killing them or stopping them from division. It will shrink or kill the cancer cells. The chemotherapy is taken by mouth or injected into a vein or the muscle. The drugs will enter the bloodstream and reach the cancer cells through the body in a systematic chemotherapy. During a regional chemotherapy, the chemo will be placed directly into the spinal column or an organ or body cavity such as the abdomen and this will mainly affect the cancer cells in these regions. The way of chemotherapy given will depend on the type and stage of the cancer for which the patient is being treated.

Benefits pancreatic Cancer Treatment in India

1)    Overview
The potential benefits of pancreatic cancer treatment in India will vary as per the patient’s condition. The chance of positive results with pancreatic cancer treatments in India involves surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. With early diagnosis, the cancer treatments will encourage the eradication of the cancerous tissues and tumors which will increase the positive prognosis. The pancreatic cancer treatment in India will relieve the patients from pain and help them lead a better life.

2)    Medical Facility

The level of healthcare services and medical facility in India for the pancreatic cancer treatment in the leading hospitals are at par with what is being offered in the developed nations such as the UK, US, etc. India has several hospitals and medical facility and centers which are world renowned for offering excellent medical and healthcare services in wide variety of fields including the pancreatic cancer treatment in India. Most of the hospitals in India use the advanced method of therapy for cancer treatments.

3)    Cost

The cost of chemotherapy for the pancreatic cancer treatment in India is 3000 USDs in India while it will cost you $22,000 in the USA.

4)    one to one Counseling from Expert Oncologist

The expert oncologist in India are highly qualified professionals having their training at the world’s most prestigious medical schools ensuring the best pancreatic treatment in India. Unlike the developed nations, where the doctors are unable to spend their time listening to their patient's need, the expert oncologist in India provide one to one counseling and listen to the patient’s need to provide the best pancreatic cancer treatment in India according to the patient’s conditions.


There are numerous hospitals in India that specializes in treating pancreatic cancer. The expert oncologist and specialists in these hospitals are well trained to deliver excellent medical services and care. Forerunners Healthcare Consultants in India have association with the leading hospitals that have level of healthcare services which are at pat with that offered in the Western countries. The physicians and surgeons in India are skilled in operating such complicated and difficult surgeries and treatments and have a vast experience in performing the various pancreatic treatments in India. Additionally, the cost of pancreatic cancer treatments in India are less than that offered in the US.